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Decorative Cork Sheet

Decorative Cork Sheet
Decorative Cork Sheet
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Product Code : DCS-08
Product Description

Decorative Cork Sheet

Designer (Decorative) Cork used on walls and floors enhances the decor of the room. It has the additional advantage of providing thermal and acoustic insulation to the room. It contrasts well with your furniture and painted surfaces. The natural pattern of Cork creates a lively, natural and warm atmosphere with endless variety. Designer Cork has a good resistance to humidity as well as provides a non slip surface and minimum maintenance.

Designer Cork is used to highlight walls, panels, cupboard doors, door panels, borders. It is widely used to cover & decorate walls & floors for its aesthetic qualities & functional properties. Decorative Cork is available in a number of attractive natural patterns, as well as various colour inserts. In fact the textures and designs that may be created have virtually no bounds, depending upon your imagination.

We also wish to inform you that we are capable to produce 0.1mm thickness of plain decorative cork sheet of various textures (both cloth lined & Non-Cloth lined) which can be used as:

  • Vineer
  • Wearing Cloth material
  • Furniture Laminate
  • Floor laminate

and so on...

(Customer demanded sizes and thickness are available on order)