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Anti Vibration Rubber Pads

Anti Vibration Rubber Pads
Anti Vibration Rubber Pads
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Product Description

Product Description

· Anti-Vibration Pads are made from high quality Rubber elastomeric materials, specially compounded to resist aging, compression set, water and oil.

· These pads are designed and constructed with alternate rib height to offer additional vibration isolation under both high and low weight loads. Available in an all-rubber pad with cross-ribbed design; also, a cross-ribbed pad 1/2" cork center for additional sound isolation. Durometer of all-rubber pad: 60±5 point on "A" scale.

Standard sheet size is 18"x18" the all rubber is 3/8" thick. Smaller sizes are available in the cork and rubber pad.


· The Anti-Vibration Pad should be measured and cut so there is no more than 50 lbs/inch2 of machine weight on it when installed. Since huge no. of machinery is designed with approximately 50lb/inch2 maximum base loading, cutting a pad the size of each foot on the machine, allowing for 1/2inch overlap all around, will generally insure the purpose of proper loading.

To insulate vibration, a machine weighing 2400 pounds[1090kg approx.] requires Anti-Vibration Pad approximately 6"x8" [2400/50 lb/inch2 = 48 inch2 or a 8" x 6" pad]. A pad 3"x4" under each leg is required, provided the weight is distributed evenly among the four legs. Tilt-back presses generally carry more weight on the rear legs and therefore pad size should be adjusted in accordance with that.

· For machines such as punch presses, drop hammers, etc., a smaller loading capacity is in recommendation [generally 25 lb/inch2]. A double thickness of pad may be used to establish proper loading if desired.

· In cases where hold-down bolts are necessary, the bolts should be isolated from the machine.


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